Gender: Male
    Location: york sc
    Relationship: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Maybe Someday
    Body Type: Average
    Height: 5'9"
    Religion: Other
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    Yahoo: hallowed_truth
    About Me: I refuse to lose. This life can give me whatever it feels is necessary. And I'll just smile and laugh, because this life thing..... It aint nothing but a game. A sick twisted joke of existence. Why get bent outta shape over bullshit. And that is all life is. One HUGE heaping pile of horse manure. So if you think you can stop me or hurt me, you're all wrong. I live to enjoy what I got. I live for what gives me happiness and pleasure and nothing more. As selfish as it sounds nothing brings me more pleasure than producing a smile on an individuals face. So before you decide I'm whack or some dumb shit think about the things we really have to live for. We're doomed to a life of servitude. Never allowed to use the intelligence we were given in the manner we see fit. Just how someone else see's fit. Always told how to think. Never allowed to let you thoughts take the path you choose. Instinct does not exist amongst humans. Simply years and years of civilization and reprogramming. And everyone wonders why we are always so confused. Why we are always so lost. It's because man saw it fit to replace the original programming with his own. And perhaps that is the exact result of being allowed to think freely. Maybe people do not wish to discover what this existence really is. Perhaps they'd rather be told. I know I don't though. I am what I am. And in my own eyes I am a beautiful creature. No one will ever change that. I love the way I think, and who I am. I believe in what I stand for. I just wish more people were inclined to be as such.
    Music: I like all types of music, but lean towards more extreme types.
    Movies: Movies are good for killin' time. Then sometimes there's an awesome one.
    TV: Television blows.
    Books: R.A.Salvatore, Margeret weis, and Tracy hickman
    Likes: Cool shit.
    Dislikes: Not cool shit.
    Hobbies: Smokin'pot, makin' music, trippin' dxm, smokin' pot, eatin' food, smokin' pot, nappin', chillin', hangin' out, partyin', havin' a good time, Meetin' beautiful girls who are chill, Oh yeah and most of all smokin' pot.
    Virtues: I just try to be the best person I can be to everyone, If I can't be good to someone or respect them I just don't associate. No need to hate.


    Monday, August 2, 2010, 4:23 AM [General]

    lol been centuries since i been on here forgot i even had an account here anyways just wanted to say hi so hi everyone and happy smoking, vaporizing, and/or munching lol peace peace

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    Wassup House?

    Friday, December 21, 2007, 3:00 PM [General]

    Hey yo everybody. I just put some new songs upon my music space on myspace. search for k.toke. If you decide to check it out leave some comments telling me what you think!
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