Gender: Female
    Location: memphis, tn
    Relationship: Swinger
    Orientation: Bi-sexual
    Children: Proud Parent
    # of Kids: 2
    Body Type: Slim / Slender
    Ethnicity: Other
    About Me: not enough time in the day to describe the true me plus I grow everyday so tomorrow I will be a different person all I can say that my baby girl is my inspiration because at 2 years old she's stronger than any adult I have ever met.
    Music: all music but lately we have been listening to children's music because it keeps my baby girl happy
    Movies: comedy and some horror but once again my 2 year old chooses my entertainment so the princess and the frog is one of my favorites
    TV: criminal minds, house, family guy, and Disney with my kid
    Books: lol no time
    Likes: to hear good news and the amazing support we have back home in Louisiana
    Dislikes: that my baby is having to fight cancer at such a young age
    Hobbies: art, parks, snuggling with my baby and anything outdoors
    Vices: vaping
    Virtues: lol
    Heroes: my 2 year old along with every other kid at St. Jude Children's research hospital