Gender: Female
    Location: Sand Springs
    Relationship: Single
    Orientation: Bi-sexual
    Children: Not for Me
    Body Type: Average
    Height: 5'8"
    Religion: Agnostic
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    About Me: Cassandra...aka..Cassie.
    I go to Lake Altervative.
    A sophomore...indeed.
    I have plenty of friends, need no more.
    I like talking to random people, getting to know other things about different people, is interesting.
    I like to sing,dance,write poetry,be on myspace,hanging out with friends,drinking,smoking,girls and sometimes boys,OYP,tattoo's,piercings.
    Sometimes i feel like a failure, but only at times, when people knock me off my feet.
    I wear my heart on sleeve so im told.
    I can be VERY emotional at times, i really cant help it.
    I love taking pictures,of myself, or random things.
    Anyways, need to know more, just ask.

    Music: EvansBlue,RedHotChiliPeppers,Puddle Of Mudd,AFI,Saliva,SmileEmptySoul,Bush,StoneSour,Vertical Horizon,A7X,SavageGarden,Fiveforfighting,Maroon5,Goo Goo Dolls,Blue October,Hinder,Jacks Mannequin,Seether,Flyleaf,Panic!AtTheDisco,FallOutBoy,10years,Skindred,Atreyu,A Perfect Circle,Blindside,Buckcherry,Staind,Otep,Tool,Breaking Point,Blink182,System Of A Down,Kittie,Bullet For My Valentine,KoRn,Angels and Airwaves,Offspring,Disturbed, by Taking Back Sunday,Three Days Grace,Nirvana,SmashingPumpkins,Jewel,Oasis,Third Eye Blind,Kill Hannah,Rascal Flatts,LeAnn Rimes....
    Movies: Monster
    Boys Dont Cry
    King Kong
    Devils Rejects
    The Hills have Eyes
    Flashed Away
    Chicken Run
    Little Man
    Wrong Turn
    High Tension
    Secret Window
    TV: The Bad Girls Club
    The L Word
    The Hills
    The Simpsons
    King Of the Hill
    Blind Date
    Books: Cut
    Love Cajain Style
    A Child Called IT
    Likes: Personality's.
    Dislikes: Cheaters,theives,backstabbers,liars.
    Hobbies: Smoking weed
    Hanging out with friends..
    Heroes: My mother and Grandfather<3

    What the FUCK is up??

    Friday, December 7, 2007, 7:38 PM [General]


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     Thats me!~!

    Anyways, i didnt come to school all stoned and fucked up today =]....Be proud VERY proud...anyways, im sittin here listening to...Suga Suga'-Baby Bash, and someone else. Its great. Im really like listening to M.I.A-Paper Planes...

    Im bored. Alot of people got dropped, and i didnt notice until now...ahh. Anyways, alot of bitches are startin' to piss me off. Not anyone that i hang out with or talk to, just other extremely bored. Anyways,im fuckin' bored. And gettin' looked at all funny.



    Cassandra .H.

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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 5:30 PM [General]

    Well well, look where im at right now. Im in Mrs.howards class once again. I think this is the only class that ill really ever get on this in....expect later on in the year. My head is hurting today....i think its because i smoked more this morning than i have in awhile. Haha, Brain enjoyed the weed i gave him yesterday, so im giving him ALITTLE more tomorrow. Cause i dont know when im getting some more from my older sister. Than yeah, alot more shit. Not alot of people have this shit, pretty lame. I mean there is only one person on here that i really talk to and thats Lacii, and she goes to my flippin' school lmao. Anyways, i found out who i like, =[. But i cant say because Lacii might kinda know them lol.But im listening to The Sundays-Wild Horses, good song lol. Toodles.


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