Gender: Male
    Location: New Orleans
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Proud Parent
    # of Kids: 3
    Body Type: Body Builder / Weight Lifter
    Height: 5'6"
    Religion: Mind Your Own Business
    Ethnicity: Black / African descent
    About Me: I'm 5'6 Black Hazel Brown eyes Bright complexion. I was born and raised in Ruston, Louisiana. I enjoy reading singing bike ridin swimmin outdoors music parties beaches movies and dance
    Music: RB R Kelly User Bobby Brown Mario Kesha Cole Bun B Pimp C Paul Wall UNLV Maqus Houston Too Short Snoop Dog Krup Li KeKe DJ Quick After 7 Hop Hip Jazz Classic RaB Gospel
    Movies: Good Times Friday the 13 Freddy Krueger Waiting to Exhaule Sanford an Son Next Friday Boogie Man Scare Face
    TV: H420TV BET MTV VH1 Movies Channel
    Hobbies: CampOut door Pic Beach Movies, Traveling Rod Trips Party, Dinner,
    Vices: Black & Milds
    Heroes: Martin Luther King Malcolm X Rodney King OJ Simpson Rosa Parker
    Best Friends
  • K Jabuki
    K Jabuki

  • Katie