Wang Dingbiao: the Internet the next war broke out in where

    Monday, June 9, 2014, 8:18 AM [General]

    Wang Dingbiao: the Internet the next war broke out in where? magazine article Wang Dingbiao the author is the columnist, Daqi chairman, **** of Allyes, enlighten bank medium i like Cheap Air Jordan 4 Leopard Men Shoes company recently 3Q war again make Internet become the focus of all the media attention. buy Cheap Air Jordan 12 New Packing Men online Then, the grand and Baidu battle, Jinshan and 360 battle, Kaba and the 360 war, Sina and MSN reached a strategic cooperation, Jinshan and cattle with news wave then wave, a time Internet phone four, the glint and flash of cold steel, is very lively. In this lively back, see not hard, the Internet already quietly to transition to a new era: ii! From then on arena not calm. review of the Internet over the past 15 years, experienced in Happy Valley enclosure, struggling to survive, intensive and meticulous farming three stages. In the cruel survival of the fittest in natural selection rule, buy Cheap Air Jordan Shoes online in a large number of Internet enterprise but also the birth of a few giants, Chinese Internet industry first echelon: QQ, Baidu, Alibaba; the second echelon: Sina, Cheap Nike Air Structure Triax 91 Men Shoes Sohu, grand, NetEase etc Branches in the vast majority of the Internet have gradually produced with strong strength of enterprises. For their own interests, has been very difficult to feel at ease in his territory if, the war will be inevitable. : Video war battlefield. The video will become the mainstream of Internet advertising, this battlefield first rushed in several upstart potatoes, cool, 6, PPLive, PPS, thunder, storm, attempts through the video to encroach on network advertisement traditional business sites Baidu, Sina, Sohu, QQ, although the upstart robbed a first prize, but after all, this industry still is burn money stage, bosses are not eager to hand. However, this battle will have a decisive battle, the traditional giants have been waiting for the fatal blow to the timing, the comprehensive advantages of money, team, flow and advertisers, one will be the upstart killed or surrender, this battle will be fought in the near future. Battlefield two : network community. Once a network celebrity said proudly network community, the fight is over! Network community battle has not begun! Network community is becoming one of the most hotly contested battle internet. The application form online communities must from single application to composite application development. The simple BBS, Blog, SNS, microblog, IM is not a sound network community. A sound network communities should be the perfect combination of the above application. And this war, not be wellmatched in strength of war, because this field is not careful the birth of a dinosaur QQ. The Internet is a network of community dominant big winner, of course, challenge the supremacy is also bound to win the battle of network community. Early signs of war has appeared, SNS as the pioneer attempt failed, to microblog for another shock Pioneer has been opened, to IM or to electric
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    create harmony blessing of sex life ferrying

    Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 10:03 AM [General]

    create harmony blessing of sex life ferrying, Millennium repair Sleeping sleep, two different regions, different family background, different living habits of men and women to come together, it is fate. men and women married to live together under one roof, must understand each other, each other, the family can be happy. As the newly bought car, gear must be after a period of running to all threads neatly tied up, harmony and longterm. is a normal marriage, sex accounted for 50% of the component, a harmonious sexual life can add unlimited fun to life, but the precondition is that the couple should understand each other, understand each other's thoughts, understand each other's body, understand each other's love, life can the harmonious and healthy. to understand each other's body, that is the main body structure. 1, here special remind, physiological structure of women and men, the most important is the female reproductive system from outside to inside is communicated, through abdominal cavity. It is communicated with the inside and outside. Therefore, when women with genital infection, vaginitis, cervicitis will has been upward, cause endometritis, annex inflammation, tubal phlogistic, pelvic inflammation, peritonitis and systemic infection. In the menstrual period and sexual life must pay attention to health, to avoid the occurrence of infection, affect future fertility. 2, women have menstrual cycle, ovarian axis control, meaning that the female endocrine system is regulated by hypothalamus pituitary the function of ovary, these organs restrict each other, form the positive and negative feedback effect, in the final performance of the menstruation. The endocrine regulation affected by mental, so safety period is not safe, accidents and accidental pregnancy ovulation. The influence of psychological factors and will happen menstrual disorders, menstrual cycle, the impact of pregnancy. Now the social environment to minimize the pressure, relax the mood, it can to a certain extent endocrine in coordination state. 3, female menstruation is because non pregnancy and uterine endometrium peeling, cause bleeding, in the uterine endometrium and blood flow in vitro by cervical. When the menstrual period if sexual life, in orgasm contractions of the uterus endometrium and blood will squeeze into the muscle layer, or from the fallopian tube into the pelvic cavity, the formation of endometriosis, including chocolate cyst and uterine adenomyosis, manifested as progressive dysmenorrhea and pelvic adhesion, and ultimately affect the pregnancy. This is caused by the reason of endometriosis, therefore menstrual period banned her is justified. 4, in response to early pregnancy, menopause, menstrual period when, as will the hormone levels turbulent and emotional changes. If you want to come to menstruation will have irritability, irritability, chest up and feeling, called premenstrual tension; early will have a grievance, nausea, unresponsive, poor memory and discomfort, serious water meters not
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