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    New Year, New You, New Career Opportunity!

    Thursday, December 25, 2008, 7:43 PM [General]

    Did you know...?

    That there is more to Mary Kay than make-up?

    Why some women are choosing a Mary Kay Career

    1. Flexibility: Would you like to set your own hours to work around
    your family? Choose when you want to work.

    2. Self Improvement: Mary Kay's philosophy is God First, Family Second
    & Career Third. Would you like to be associated with people who
    nurture the growth of your self-esteem and self-confidence?

    3. Money: Unlimited earning potential! Have you ever wanted to write
    your own paycheck?

    4. Recognition & Awards: Is being recognized for a job well done
    important? Earn luggage, televisions, sound systems, cash, jewelry

    5. Earn the use of a career car: How much do you spend on your monthly
    car payment and insurance? Would saving the amount each month assist
    you in your financial planning?

    6. Advancement Opportunities: Is the ability to advance at your own
    pace important to you?

    7. Positive Circle of Influence: Would you be empowered by having a
    support system that encourages your success?

    8. Tax Deductions: Would you like to see a bigger tax return?

    9. Consultant Discount: Imagine all of your products at cost all year
    long. Gifts for every occasion at cost. How does 50% wholesale sound to you?

    6 Qualities of a Successful Beauty Consultant

    1. Women who already know that God intended for them to have more.

    2. Women who can embrace Mary Kay's philosophy of God first, family
    second and career third.

    3. Women who are willing to work to increase their financial situation.

    4. BUSY Women. Busy people get more done! They are better time
    managers and know how to prioritize their time. Mary Kay provides
    full-time pay for part-time hours!

    5. Not the "Sales Type". Due to our consumable product line, not
    being pushy is a benefit to insure a strong re-order business.

    6. Decision Maker: If you are interested in something, you realize
    there is no such thing as a "perfect time" to do anything. You'll
    never know unless you try!

    Mary Kay provides us with dialogs and scripts. $100 investment
    includes your business starter kit and immediate consultant benefits
    including product discounts and training materials. "You're in
    business for yourself, not by yourself."

    Other Benefits:
    • No Risk – 90% Buy-back Guarantee
    • Prizes: weekly, monthly and quarterly
    • No Quotas/No limits
    • No Territories

    $100 may not change your standard of living, but it may change your life.

    For more information, click here.

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