Gender: Male
    Location: Washington, USA
    Relationship: Committed Relationship
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Maybe Someday
    Body Type: More to love
    Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
    Yahoo: raginexcellence
    About Me: Hey Heyyyy lol. Before I get started I wanted to take the time to say thanks for viewing my profile. Anyways, I felt like updating this thing because it was getting a bit stale and I usually am majorly suckish at writing these things haha. My name is Daryl, 25 years old, I live in Washington State

    Anyways, I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer. It's a pretty cool job, I love making designs on my computer. Since I was a kid I would love to mingle with technology...well...when I was a kid I would accidentally think the most expensive things were toys and would smash em (unintentionally) but now I'm more careful with techy gadgets. I live a humorous life. I try to make myself happy in the most not so happy situations because it's all about having fun in life. My friends say that I'm good to them and I give them a lot of good advice. Sometimes I think to myself and say whooooooaaa...I do? lol. Well apparently so lol.

    I love texting my peeps, you will always see me with my cell phone no doubt. I have mid-length/long hair. I love that hair style and I think it's pretty fitting. To me it's all about choosing your own personality and to not let anyone change you and that's just my style. I'm a chub, happily lol. Not to get arrogant, but I think I look pretty cool the way I am so yeaaah lol.

    I'm a huge UFC and pro wrestling fan, yes I know wrestling is fake but come on, it's fun as hell. UFC is as real as it gets and it sure beats boxing in my opinion by a long shot.

    I'm a huge fan of Industrial Rock, Hard Rock and Techno music. I can withstand the other styles of music like country and stuff but if I had to choose my favs, then those are the ones. I consider myself to be a chatty and energetic person. So if I go (woot woot!) all the time then...haha...I warned ya.

    I got more stuff to say but hey, why waste all of the good info here when I can be talking to you? lol. So don't be afraid to chat. I'm all friendly, lets get to know each other, go out for some lattes and have a cool time.
    Music: KMFDM, Drowning Pool, Rammstein, Marylin Manson, Nickelback, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Powerman 5000, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, korn, saliva, rob zombie
    Movies: Horror flicks and comedies. Too many to list.
    Likes: Puppies, laughter, bubblegum...hell I don't know lmao.
    Dislikes: Rude people...STDs...john cena
    Vices: Video gaaaaamingggg
    Heroes: My mom and The Rock
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