tomb belongs to one of the affair in the Han Dynasty

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    tomb belongs Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Outlet to one of the affair in the Han Dynasty, is actually a commit crimes in violation of the law means, in the society at that time was condemned by Every customer both like Nike Air Max Lunar law and public opinion. It is evil and homophonic, and in fact the tomb of the affair activities have indeed been seen necrophilic violates the human behavior, two typical necrophilia events including the Han Dynasty re etiquette, occurred in the Western Han Dynasty, occurred in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the period of turmoil. the victim together is the Han Emperor Liu Bang's first wife Lv Zhi, is the history of the famous after lu. At that time, Chimei rebellion, not only the Nike Factory Store burning and looting, the Western Han Dynasty imperial tombs of the resort to every conceivable means of excavation method, and insulted Lu after the body. Lu after the body of the anticorrosion measures are adopted and good, so at the time the body is still intact, the result of some Chimei which do not speak human molecular, turned out to see her body up lust. This is absolutely with morbid event, Chimei rebellion from LV Zhi buried in 180 BC, more than 200 years, and after death is thoroughly the old woman. it is recorded in the book of Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Men Outlet the later Han? Liu Chuan: the basin after 20 days, Chi Mei greedy for money, a big comeback grazing. City I buy Nike Ireland food do, hence carrying treasures, because of large fire palace, Buy Nike Store Ireland led the army to the west. A temple south, Jia Bing car most Meng Sheng, the number of millions. The basin by King car, driving three horse, from hundreds of riding. But since the Nanshan to grazing towns, and Gengshi general Yan Chunzhan to Montfermeil, broken spring, kill, then into the North Pacific. To be in Yangcheng, time, on snow, pit Valley Jieman, who froze to death, but also to explore complex, Zhu Ling, take the treasure, and insult after Nike Ireland have nice design Lu. The thief had turned all, burial rate of all life. So much for obscene red eyebrows. Tai situ Deng Yu in Changan, sent troops to attack Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Women Outlet Yu Yi, is defeated, Yu is out of Yunyang. In September, Chi Mei complex in Changan, check the moon. But also known as insult after Lu corpse multiple lines of obscene. and another is the Eastern Han Dynasty Feng Guiren body shame events, Feng Guiren is the Han Emperor Huan of the princess, to the Han Lingdi period encounter robbers dug graves, 70 years after the death of tragic necrophilia. It is recorded in the sou Shen Ji: Han Huandi Feng Guiren, died of illness; Emperor Ling when thieves fa'zhong, more than seventy years, the color as before, but the meat small cold; group of thieves were treacherous pass, to fight to death, then do feel. After be like Dou home, to Feng Guiren food match PI Chen Gongda; discussion on the noble is the first emperor fortunately, body particle pollution, not with extreme, in Dou food match. Here we are surprised to find that 70 years after the death of the body not only Feng elegant color as before, like life, but also with the temperature, the robbers see color move, gang rape her body, but also because of sexual intercourse order even strike violently, causing bloodshed caused the most grave. historical records, I Like Nike Air Max 2014 online the tenth emperor of the Han Dynasty emperor Huan harem concubines Liu Zhi is five thousand or six thousand, Feng Guiren is one of them. Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Government? Han Ji? The filial piety Ling emperor volume five
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    The changes of the draft constitutional amendments China'

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    The changes of the draft constitutional amendments China's first constitution, the birth of this year is the 60 anniversary of the first constitution. I have a March 23, 1954 Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed draft constitution of the people's Republic of China Draft draft and August 6th democratic parties draft constitution first learning forum record release, the sixty years ago. read the two copies of the information, view of constitution, visible Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoji, Zhou Enlai and generation of leaders and the Party Central Committee, State Council of China the first fundamental law attention, also shows that the degree of democracy. 1952 year in November, the CPC Central Committee decision as soon as possible the Every customer both like Nike Air Max Lunar convening of the National People's Congress and the constitution. In January 13, 1953, Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Men Outlet the Central People's Government Committee decided to set up the constitution I buy Nike Ireland Drafting Committee, composed of 33 members. Members of the committee, including the highest national heads of government departments, the representative of the Democratic Party character, academic representatives and patriotic and democratic personage. 1953 years 12 months of November, Chen Boda by Mao Zedong commissioned the drafting of the first draft of the constitution. In December 27th, Mao Zedong rate constitution drafting group members Chen Boda, Hu Qiaomu, Tian Jiaying arrived in Hangzhou. During Nike Ireland have nice design the constitution drafting, they read a lot of constitution, constitution of the Soviet Union, in reference to western countries constitution and old China constitutional basis, carried Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Women Outlet out a number of pioneering work. In this process, in Mao Zedong's leadership, Tian Jiaying took a lot of specific work and directly modify the work, often through the night, even tired hematemesis. The draft constitution draft in repeated discussion, revision, only in mid March the following year to expand through discussion in the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central committee. 1954 years in late March to the end of 4, the CPPCC National Committee organized a forum on the draft constitution, from many aspects put forward amendments. Starting in late May, the constitution Drafting Committee held its second and fifth plenary meeting, on the draft constitution Draft to consider each part. In June 8th, the constitution Drafting Committee held its sixth plenary meeting, the draft of the constitution Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Outlet amendment Draft and discuss again, officially formed the constitution of the Republic of the people's revised draft. In June 11th, the constitution Drafting Committee held its seventh plenary meeting, on the draft constitution. According to the people's Republic of China Constitution Drafting Committee on the drafting of the constitution after a report records, I Like Nike Air Max 2014 online the drafting work from March 23rd to June 11th, which lasted 81 days, a total of 7 times to open a formal meeting, CPPCC, each place, the democratic parties, people's organizations and Nike Factory Store armed forces organizations such as the various aspects of people participate in the draft constitution 8000 people Draft discussion, proposed 5900 Buy Nike Store Ireland suggestions. 6 month 14 days, the Central People's Government Committee held thirtieth meetings, review, the constitution of the Republic of China Draft and summary
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